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Please Have respect For my style
Cause your gonna deal with it for a while
I'll Do my best but some advice would be fine
Doing your best is a good sign
You wonder why i rap got nothing better to do
Make me pissed and the thing in Your face is My shoe
Now its time to end the rap
I'm freaking tired I'm taking a nap




Seishi Yume Sprite by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Seishi Yume Sprite
cute huh? ;w;

Btw i finally created the "Aquatic Seraph"
It's a spirit she stole and controlled to do her biddings as a weapon.
Arua the Reaper by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Arua the Reaper
Full Name : Aurano
Species : ???
Birthplace : ???
Nickname : none
Occupation : Grim Reaper,
Gender : Male
Birthday : ???
Age : 17
Hight : 105 (between sonic and knuckles hight)
Weight : 47
Eye color : Cyan and Scarlet
Hair color : Black with White
Birthmark : Scarlet and Cyan marks on his face
Personallity : Collected and Prideful
Favorite food : He doesn't care about what he eats.
Weapon : Sinister Scythe
Powers : Twilight Manipulation, Spirit Manipulation
Skills : Great Combat Skills, Acrobatic , Great with a Polearm
Weakness : I really have no Idea
No damage with : Any Spiritual Type of Attack
Battle style : Stragatist

Speed : High
Power : Normal
Defence : Low
Intelligence : Normal
Stamina : Low
Magic : High
Oli the cat by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Oli the cat
Full Name : Olivia the Cat
Species : Cat
Birthplace : unknown
Nickname : Oli, Olive or Oli-Baby
Occupation : none
Gender : Female
Birthday : Febuary 6
Age : 13
Hight : 103 cm
Weight : None of your buisness >>
Eye color : Brown
Hair color : Purple
Birthmark : Dark part on tail
Favorite food : Chicken
Favorite drink : Gazeuse
Weapon : Phone Staff
Personallity : Confident, Sassy, Short tempered, Tricky
Powers : Time and Space Magic A level
Skills : Close Combat specialist
Weakness : (Not known yet)
Ineffective against her :
Demonic powers
Someone elses time and space power
Battle style : Offensive

Stats :
Speed : High
Power : Average
Defense : Low
Intelligence : Average
Stamina : Low
Magic : High

Some info : (not yet ;w;)

i know i failed at the arm lol


10 points Pixels above drawings below. >w< ask meh if ya want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown Dragon by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
BRS Alina by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Diamond dragon by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
J.J cutscene sheet by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Glam Étoile by XxJJTheDragoHogxX Flame of Creation by XxJJTheDragoHogxX Kittycatty by XxJJTheDragoHogxX Sonic the hedgehog by XxJJTheDragoHogxX


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Mr. Joseph
Artist | Student | Digital Art
My names J.J o3o. that's all i got....
don't kill me owo....

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^ you gotta be kidding me.
i've noticed...i've been improving a bit.
Not too long ago i made a chibi pic of J.J...but something is with it it was different from the rest of my chibi's so i thought like....why not make a list  1.(newest) to 7.(oldest) 
soooo eue? and yes from 3 they are gonna suck realllyyyyy…………………

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