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Please Have respect For my style
Cause your gonna deal with it for a while
I'll Do my best but some advice would be fine
Doing your best is a good sign
You wonder why i rap got nothing better to do
Make me pissed and the thing in Your face is My shoe
Now its time to end the rap
I'm freaking tired I'm taking a nap




20141216 213109 by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
20141216 213109
Shizen is a Dragohog with the oddness of not being able to manipulate draconic magic. Instead replaced with tons of Elements he has experienced from Nature itself. He does contain powerful abilities such as the DDY and has the ability summon his Magma Blade and Ice Rapier using them in tandem. But thats only in important cases he mostly relies on his Martial Art which may not be as impressive and assaulting as Ikari's which he covers up with his high knowledge of magic
(btw if u didn't know dis is J.J's and Glams son)
20141216 213031 by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
20141216 213031
Ikari picture
and btw she gained some changes
-She isn't a Polearm user
-She doesnt have matter swapping ability
+ She uses a small dagger
+ She has the ability to turn into her so called Nymph form
+ In this Nymph form her dagger increases size and she gains a Magical Bow
+ She is a expert at Armed And Unarmed Combat
Shiyo by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Name : Project : S.H.I.Y.O.
Nickname : Shi-Shi-Chan
Age : Unknown but it's said she has been created a long time ago but her physical age is 11
Species : Rabbit (Artifical Lifeform)
Gender : Female
Height : 1 meter.
Fur : Grey
Personallity : Eager, Kind and Childish.
Eye color : Gold
Alignment : Good.
Abilities : Levitation, GunBlade Summon,  Energy Shield Summon ,

This girl has been created long ago by a clan specialized in biology and science.
She was created to lead many wars. She only thought about strenght she was sealed for many years after the wars she been through and awakened by a certain Dragohog and his Friends that fought against her. They defeated her and kept her alive cause they thought she needs to learn more about trust. Which ended up changing her path of destruction to the path of friendship.


10 points Pixels above drawings below. >w< ask meh if ya want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown Dragon by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
BRS Alina by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Diamond dragon by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
J.J cutscene sheet by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Glam Étoile by XxJJTheDragoHogxX Flame of Creation by XxJJTheDragoHogxX Kittycatty by XxJJTheDragoHogxX Sonic the hedgehog by XxJJTheDragoHogxX


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Mr. Joseph
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My names J.J o3o. that's all i got....
don't kill me owo....

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^ you gotta be kidding me.
It's just DA got a bit borin.
since barely peopz are commentin on my stuff i can't really improve without critism
Thats all?
i'll just...

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