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Please Have respect For my style
Cause your gonna deal with it for a while
I'll Do my best but some advice would be fine
Doing your best is a good sign
You wonder why i rap got nothing better to do
Make me pissed and the thing in Your face is My shoe
Now its time to end the rap
I'm freaking tired I'm taking a nap




Mah Progress by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Mah Progress
TTuTT im working on the most important materials first.
So yeah no attacks for now.
But i'll just tell you that his attacks mostly consist of Claw attacks which involves slash chopping and piercing.
If he doesnt do that he uses palm thrusts or kicks. yeaaah he rarely punches...xD

his stance : As he's quite sassy,  he fans himself with his hand and in his mid animation he just gets all fab with sparkles around him.
his  walk : he will walk like butler basicly lol.
his run : this shows a bit of a rougher side of J.J, hes fast on his feet tho.
his dash and double jump : here is a showcase of J.J's dragon reflex ability, he can move in such speeds where he is invisable for mere seconds.
oh but not to forget his enterance : He's well mannered so he bows
Azure by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Full Name : Azure
Species : Seedrian And Mobian (fox) Hybrid.
Birthplace : *not really decided but shes born in an old lab*
Nickname : Something, Fuzzy Bud
Occupation : Newest Guardian of Nymphia Temples
Gender : Female
Birthday : April 4
Age : 16
Hight : 95
Weight : 40
Eye color : Brown (pink when she loses control over herself)
Hair color : Brown
Birthmark : None
Personallity : Calm, Curious, Diciplined, (Sadomasositic, Rough and Perverted when she loses control)
Favorite food : Banana Chips
Favorite drink : Vanilla Milkshake
Weapons : Fragment Vine
Powers : Disaster Manipulation, Fox Senses, Seedrian Sealing techniques.
Skills : Super Human Strenght, Good with Restraining weapons.
Weakness : Enviorment Poisonous energy ( DM get the fuck away from her e.e)
Resistant to : Anything that has to do with nature.
Battle style : Beserker

Stats :
Speed : Normal/Low
Power : High
Defense : Normal
Intelligence : Normal
Stamina : Low
Magic : High

Theme Song : Creepy Girls

Summary :
(Im too lazy gtfo)
Ikari's New Bio by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Ikari's New Bio
Full Name : Ikari The Hedgehog
Species : Hedgehog (Dragon Blood)
Birthplace : *not decided yet*
Nickname : None yet
Occupation : Agent of the Taoisyu Orginisation
Gender : Female
Birthday : December 9
Age : 16
Hight : 100
Weight : 42
Eye color : Orange
Hair color : Pink
Birthmark : None
Personallity : Independent, Optimistic,
Favorite food : Sushi
Favorite drink : 7 up.
Weapons : Rapier, Dagger, Throwing Knives
Powers : Natural Enhancement, Dragon Reflexes
Skills : Matrial arts , Blade Specialist,
Weakness : Low Self-Esteem if it's about her potential
Resistant to : Demonic powers, The Four Elements Mostly less resistance to any combinations of these( ice , magma etc.) or Rare types of Elements (darkness, light etc.)
Battle style : Offensve, Cooperative.

Stats :
Speed : Normal
Power : Normal
Defense : Low
Intelligence : High
Stamina : High
Magic : Low

Theme Song : Rolling Girl

Summary :
The second child of J.J and Glam.
Shes been training under her father ever since she was young as she always wanted to be just like him. Unlike her brother who doesn't want to have anything to do with his parents, mostly J.J. She tries to grow wiser and stronger even though her inferiority complex for her brother always bugs her. she still tries to bite through. On her journey she meets all kinds of friends but even though they are kind of strange she learns to accept them for who they are.
Full Dragomode Redesign by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Full Dragomode Redesign
My old design was ok. just that i felt like i could do something newah
eue...oh well....
Possible New Sprite Sheet by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Possible New Sprite Sheet
i'm thinking of remaking it all cause working on a sheet with old styles wont really help me.
i will have to do it all over again tho.....
btw this is a custom sprite for urinformaiton
didnt edit 1 bit .w.


10 points Pixels above drawings below. >w< ask meh if ya want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown Dragon by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
BRS Alina by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Diamond dragon by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
J.J cutscene sheet by XxJJTheDragoHogxX
Glam Etoile by XxJJTheDragoHogxX Flame of Creation by XxJJTheDragoHogxX Kittycatty by XxJJTheDragoHogxX Sonic the hedgehog by XxJJTheDragoHogxX


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Mr. Joseph
Artist | Student | Digital Art
My names J.J o3o. that's all i got....
don't kill me owo....

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^ you gotta be kidding me.
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.n. i got challenged...

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